We have a full Italian line-up with proper Italian lagers, craft beers and wines actually brewed in and imported from Italy.

Baladin craft beer farm breweryWe have some stunning beers from the guys at Baladin located south of Turin, Italy. Baladin are a craft beer farm brewery. They have several farms in different regions of Italy spanning 400 hectares of land where they grow 96% of the ingredients used in their products!

We follow the same principals with our booze and coffee as we do with our pizza. Quality ingredients. It’s as simple as that. When a dish or a drink only has a few ingredients, they all have to be great. We use Antica Vermouth and York Gin’s navy strength Outlaw gin in our Negronis. We also have a barrel aged version on the menu. We use freshly ground and brewed on demand Darkwoods espresso in our Espresso Martinis. Darkwoods are based in Huddersfield.