Dough Eyed @ Micklegate Social

You can find us at The Micklegate Social on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Our 12″ Napoli style pizza is served on high quality compostable bagasse pizza plates. Eat in and enjoy it sliced into quarters (easiest way to eat Neapolitan pizza), leave whole so you can use a knife and fork or have it to take out in a box.

Download our iPhone or Android app and order ahead of collection. It’s only 40p to park outside Micklegate Social before 18:00 or free after 18:00 if you park at the very beginning on Toft Green o the single yellow line! Card payments only.

Hire The Den

You can hire The Den downstairs at Micklegate Social for £65. It fits upto 65 guests and comes with a sound system included. Dough Eyed can offer you a hot pizza buffet which is a great way of feeding lots of people at once. We cook large 14″ pizzas and can serve them for a given time for your guests to help themselves to slices. This is charged at £8 per head. Minimum spend of £160. Otherwise you can simply buy individual pizzas on the night like a regular customer of Micklegate Social. We’d usually send a number of pizzas down for guests to get started with and then we’ll send further pizzas down as and when required and when we get a gap in service from walk ins upstairs.

We’d suggest you find out availability of The Den first then drop us an email with the date and number of guests and we’ll sort a price out for you.

Get in touch with Micklegate Social here for further info or to find out availability. Get in touch with us here regarding the food side of things.