Unfortunately we have stopped taking bookings. We tried it and we didn’t like it. For every positive there were as many or more negatives. We desire to be a super casual pizzeria/bar and we don’t want you guys to feel rushed to head off after eating. We encourage people to stay and spend the evening with us! Bosh some drinks, listen to some tunes and have a great time.

If you’ve already made a booking with us, this will still stand. We’re just not taking any future bookings, although we may do when we get to winter again as we realise folk don’t want to come all the way into town on a wet cold miserable night without a reservation.

You can still book our basement room. You can have it all to yourself. We charge a fee which will be discounted off your bill at the end of the night. Click below to book.

Our basement can fit approx 15 comfortably, 20 at a squeeze and 25 if only drinking or eating is staggered. Access is down a staircase so wheelchairs and prams aren’t viable. We don’t have high chairs on-site unfortunately as we’re very limited for storage space.