About Us

Formally the York Pizza Company Limited. We rebranded at the back end of 2017 and are now trading as Dough Eyed.

We’re pizza geeks! As much as it is a commercial venture and we need to turn a profit we’re also massively into pizza and we want our clients and their guests to enjoy some of the best pizza they will have ever tasted.

Neo-Neapolitan Style Pizza

Our speciality is Neo-Neapolitan style pizza. This style comes from Naples, the birth place of pizza in Italy. Neo-Neapolitan pizza is a more modern version with larger crusts that are full of air. Our pizzas are not crunchy and rigid. They’re simple and light with very fresh high quality ingredients. Typically our 12″ individual Neapolitan pizzas are cut into quarters. You then fold the slice in half to make it rigid enough to eat. In a restaurant scenario it’s nearly always eaten with a knife and fork. Our buffet style pizza is cooked slightly differently using larger dough balls and cooking for longer to give a more rigid slice.

Our Dough

Our dough is home made from the finest Italian flour and is fermented slowly for at least 24 hours. This allows the dough to develop slowly and makes for a tasty, soft, airy crust with some charring.

Other Ingredients & Items

Everything else we use is top quality. Our tomato sauce is simply quality crushed Italian tomatoes with a little salt. Our cheese is a quality cows milk mozzarella known as For Di Latte. Our charcuterie is high quality Italian & British. The bulk of our pizzas are finished with fresh basil, a generous pinch of grana padano and a drizzle of quality extra virgin olive oil. All plates and cutlery are compostable or recyclable.