About Us

About Us

Chris Phillips, the owner of Dough Eyed, was just a keen home cook that got geeky about pizza. He stumbled across Neapolitan style pizza approx 7 years ago and fell in love with it instantly.

Creating a true Neapolitan pizza is no easy task. The list of approved ingredients is short, and the procedures involved in mixing, proofing and baking the pizza are stringent and exact. But as technology, education and focus on health advance, many pizza chefs are finding the required protocols for vera pizza Napoletana too limiting. Restrictions to a single type of highly refined white flour, a short maturation time and a bake in a wood-burning oven are some of the characteristics pizzaioli today find outdated.

Their deviations are heralding in a new movement in pizza, inspired by the tradition of Naples with a twist, which they call…….. Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza.

Contemporary pizza involves higher hydration levels, the use of preferments and long fermentation times which require more skill, knowledge and experience, creating a lighter, more tender, tastier and more easily digested pizza with similar characteristics as when using wild yeasts.

Chris catered many events with his mobile pizza set up and had lots of kitchen residencies around York over the years before eventually opening up Dough Eyed at Jubbergate in 2020. His loyal following of customers and the ability to adapt quickly saw him through the pandemic and here we are today with a 60-70 cover pizzeria/bar in the beautiful heart of York.